"We do work..."
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Our Organization

ACL creates leaders.

The best young men, the best moms, contributing their best to our communities. Creating opportunities through community service for leadership, out of the box thinking, teamwork and “sweat equity”.

To not only be successful ourselves, but to enable others to be successful as well.

Our mission is to “To foster mother and son relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service and leadership development.”

ACL takes on the responsibility of bringing the best of Area Industry Leaders to teach members the importance of business ethics. The Officers are taught their jobs by Senior Level Executives of Fortune 500 Companies and Founders/Entrepreneurs of Business.

ACL’s motto “We do Work…”

ACL’s culture is to be “all inclusive”.

The only requirement to join an ACL Chapter is for the Mother to want to be able to continue to be a part of her son’s life and share the value of charity work.

Each Chapter consists of Classes that run from 7th – 12th grade. Members enter during the 7th and 8th grade years in an open enrollment process. Once the boys finish their 8th grade year the Class membership is “locked” for the duration of their high school years.

This decision was made by the Founding Members for they “did not want someone to ride their coattails”. So if you meet a boy that is a Senior ACL Member, you will know that he has dedicated a minimal of 5 years to charity work and has performed between 75 – 90 hours of work!

How an ACL Chapter Works

The boys run the show!

ACL expects the Class Officers of each Chapter to perform the duties of their offices (not the Mother, but with her support) and to plan and run their Class meetings.

This is the mechanism that will ensure that members will want to attend their Class meetings because it is their idea, and therefore, will be interesting for the boys..

This is where those that volunteer to take on leadership roles gain unique experience!

All area ACL Officers meet as a group three times a year to learn from “the best of the best” and to plan their meeting agendas for the next 4 months. They are trained on how to work as a team, set long-term goals for their ACL Chapter and how best to coordinate and communicate upcoming charity activities.