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Letter from our Founder

I started the Alpha Charity League when my son was in 8th grade and starting to make that “normal and expected” evolution into becoming a teenager. As I watched him redefine his relationship with me, I realized that I too could redefine my relationship with him.

The Alpha Charity League provides a venue where Mothers can continue to play an integral role in the lives of our sons during their middle and high school years. We get to actively teach and share with them the value of charity work and community service. We can also continue to influence their values and goals through supporting them when they decide to bring a new charity to ACL, choose to take leadership roles and participate in the actual work.

   Our members learn the value of long-term commitment and ownership. Because we work with our charities throughout the year, the boys develop this true sense of ownership and realize that charity work is not just something you do once or twice a year, or by writing a check, but something they can do as an integral part of their lives.

   Lastly, as our sons become young men, we can provide them the unique opportunity to meet and learn from successful business people who have chosen to integrate charity work/community service in their careers. ACL intentionally creates the opportunity to expose our sons to great role models and to help the boys realize that they too can choose to be this type of successful person.

~Elizabeth Rutherford


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