"We do work..."


“I have learned that I can create my own momentum,
regardless of scale”

-R. Mercio, Memorial Class of 2016

Alpha Charity League Leadership


ACL believes that each of us can be inspired to take leadership roles.


ACL provides a unique environment where each member has the opportunity to choose to be a Leader or to act upon inspiration fostered by their relationship with one of our charities.


ACL provides the structure and environment where a young man be a Leader by executing an Officer position.

ACL Leadership Series

ACL’s Leadership Series is formed around the concept of being A True Alpha Leader…"A True Alpha Leader is someone who is not only successful in their own life, but enables others to be successful”. The members have the opportunity to meet and learn from industry leaders and senior level executives who have incorporated community service in their professional or personal life. All ACL members come together three times a year at "All Hands on Deck Meetings" where the members have the opportunity to participate in our Leadership Series.

True Alpha Leader


Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders

  • Michael Holthouse - 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year, Founder of Lemonade Day
  • Mike Saiz - Founder Chris Saiz Point the Way Foundation
  • Jim McIngvale - CEO Gallery Furniture
  • Cameron Waldner – GEO Volunteer Houston
  • Roy Young – Founder Pro Vision

  • Industry Leaders

  • Jon Sheptor - President of Imperial Sugar
  • Dan D'Armond - Director, Community & Government Relations BMC Software
  • Steve Swinson – CEO Thermal Energy Corporation

  • Officer Training Leaders

  • Dave Milich - CEO South Region at United Health Care
  • Brenda Peterson – Vice President, Corporate Services, Tesoro
  • Sam Smolik - Vice president, Health, Safety, Environment and Operational Excellence for LyondellBasell
  • Suzi Zeal- Manager, Recruiting, Development and Training at Phillips 66
  • John Reed - Leading Executive Coach Globally for CEOs & High Impact Professionals, Psychologist, Author, Speaker, MBA Professor

Charity Representatives

    In addition, to further inspire our members, and provide real world examples, ACL's Offices invite charity representatives and area leaders to come and speak about their personal stories and the professional aspects of community service at the monthly Class meetings.